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I offer several different types of Wellness + Nutrition programs for all body types, diets, and schedules.

I always recommend to start with a consult. Let's get to know each other and figure out what works best for you and the needs of your body!

"Healthy is an outfit that looks different on every body."

Get With the Program!


Initial Consult

600 AED    90 mins 

Follow-up Appointments

300 AED    30-45 mins 

Kitchen / Fridge Refresh

150 AED per hour 

What you get:

Healthy meals start in the kitchen!  So when I begin to work with a new client , the first thing I do is recommend a kitchen clean out. If something unhealthy isn’t in your fridge or pantry, you're much less likely to eat it. I believe that there is a healthy alternative for every kind of food, its just a matter of finding it!  Replacing items like cows milk with an organic nut milk or canola oil with extra virgin olive oil,  will make a huge difference in your overall health. The smallest changes produce the biggest results. 


- I'll focus on finding you healthier alternatives to some of your “ not so good for you” cravings/wants 

- Explain the importance of ingredient reading

- Thoroughly go through your kitchen with you while explaining why you should and shouldn’t have some of the products that are in there.

- Explain the reasoning as to why we are removing specific foods from the diet and adding others. 

- The best items to keep on the counter

- Discuss the importance of meal prepping along with  tips and tricks 

- Assist you in getting rid of products in your kitchen that contain toxic ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, MSG, GMOs, etc.

Grocery Store Tour

150 AED per hour 

What you get:

Yes, I know… grocery stores can be a bit overwhelming/daunting at times, especially when you’re trying to change the way you eat and what you eat. I have a solution to that problem - bring me with you!


- Let me help you navigate through the must go down aisles and the must NOT go down isles. 

- Guide you through ingredient reading, helping to ensure that the food you’re buying is REAL and not full of artificial junk as in sweeteners, MSG and GMOs

- Explain the importance of shopping on the outer perimeter of the store and limiting shopping on the inner

- Explaining what some of those longwords that you can’t even pronounce are on the back of the ingredient list. 

- Pointing out what ingredients to watch out for and ensuring that they are not in the food your purchasing

Taste-test Package

800 AED     Includes initial consult fee. 

What you get:

For those who aren't sure what to expect but are ready to try it out.

- 7 day customized meal plan

- Step by step recipes with instruction 

- Itemized grocery list

Monthly Wellness Programs

What you get:

- Overall health assessment 

- Weekly customized meals plans every 7 days (sent on Sundays)

       - Step by step easy-to-make recipes with instruction for each meal

       - Itemized grocery list to help you get in and out of the grocery store fast

- Weekly check- ins with me of a 30  to 45 minutes each, to help keep you on track (phone call, zoom or meet in person) which ever works best for you!

- Weekly reassessments and adjustments to plan if necessary 

- Customized supplement suggestions to improve overall health and help manage health conditions. 

- Life style recommendations including exercise tips and motivational strategies. 

1,450 AED 14 Day 

2,000 AED 1 Month

5,000 AED 3 Month

9,000 AED 6 Month

Contact for pricing - 1 year

All packages include initial consult and follow-up appointments.

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